Petroleum Services

Petroleum Services is one of biggest Sector in our Company . We provide ( Manpower Supply & Payroll Services, Shipping & Transportation Services, Logistic Services, Training..... etc)

Petroulim Services

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1. Manpower Supply & Payroll Services.

I-Serve is mainly specialized in supplying professional manpower & payroll services to the mining and petroleum industry ( driller – geological – Electrician – Mechanic – safety officer - underground trainee – open pit trainee - Barge Engineer – day pusher ......etc.
we offer a wide range of services in the same aspect beside offering our clients with professional experienced administration staff in their head offices (secretary, admin, accountant and logistics officers, … etc.)

2. Shipping &Transportation Services:

I-Serve owns Hague Modern Cars for all Transportation types :-
   • Oils, Diesel, Petrol.
   • All Types of Water.
   • Pipes.
   •  We Also Provide all shipping types all over egyptian ports ( Alex, PortSaid, ....etc ) and finishing all the necessary documents on time with compatitive prices.

3. Work Permits

I-Serve provides this specific service to all Expatiates & foreign workforces that would like to work under Egyptian law & regulations enabling us to Handle all The approvals & issuing the work permits.

4. Logistic Services

Standard trucks 12m-15m, Low bed trucks, Telescopic trucks up-23m, Car rental, forklift, Meet ,Hotel reservations, Air tickets, Cleaning, Hygiene Services, IT Support, Medical Check-ups, … and many other services could be provided by I-Serve. We provide a wide range of services concerning long period Car rental, Limousine rental , Bus rental for staff transportation , Hotel reservation and even Air tickets booking , we can offer the best prices with the supreme quality . Safety standards is not a negotiable issue when we provide the above services, we can provide brand new cars or max 3 years old ones according to our clients' needs , our staff are available 24/7 to solve any problem that may occurs to our clients .

5. Training

I-Serve provides different training courses regarding Mining, Oil & Gas industries (HUET, Sea Survival, Firefighting, Safety, OUSHA ......etc.) through certified training centers with competitive prices.

6. Safety supplies

I-Serve provides all types of items related to safety such as safety garments, safety glasses, gloves , safety boots ....etc with a very competitive price and in a high quality standards .


We offer many types of Diesel Generators with all Capacities ( 10 KVA to 2000KVA) With and Without Sound proof, also we do
   • Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance 24/7 for DG.
   • Rental DG’S.
   • DG overhaul.
   • Design and Install ATS.
   • DG Installations.
   • Supplying and installing UPS and UPS Batteries.
   • Supplying the Fuel allover Egypt.


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